Archiv: 7. Dezember 2017

BOATSAIL     An old story that describes three men who walked together and carried two sacks each, one sack in the front, the other hanging on a wooden shoulder holder, Furthermore, it seems that the burdens were not equal in any  way whatsoever. The first man explained: „All my successes, all the good work of my […]

                                          INDIAN LEGEND                          You have probably heard of the Indian legend about a small violet flower in a great garden. On one occasion, a visitor who entered this garden un expectantly heard complaints from some of the plants. The mango-tree said it would rather be a coconut […]

Ahnen  (5.12.2017)   Sanft streut der neue Schnee den Zauber seines Glanzes über Wiesen und Wald Vom Horizont zum Horizont erscheint das weiße Meer der hellen Zärtlichkeit In dieser schöpferischen Stille schwingt die Melodie eurer Herzen durch die Kornfelder meiner Seele