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In the small town of Wushu, there lives a very rich merchant named Xíguàn. Once, he demands an old Zen Master to teach his son how to avoid bad habits.  The Master takes the young man to walk in the neighboring wood. Suddenly, he halts at one place and asks the young man to clear a  […]

                                The SILENCE                                                                                   Oak-tree (Dr. Dietrich Weller )   Many years ago, on a hot sunny day, in the shade of an old oak-tree, Master Xi and his pupils were resting. There was silence in the air. Suddenly, Master Xi asked his pupils: “What is the meaning of silence? “ The pupils remain silenced. Than […]

Water (Shui)                                    The Chinese pictogram for water represents a straight vertical line as a river  with sloping small tributaries. If they wanted to rest, teachers and their pupils have always chosen a place nearby a river. Water runs, and […]

                                MARVELOUS   FIELD     In those remote times, my dream was like a marvelous field in the land of silence. This stunning field was a pathway similar to an amazing vault, that had connected, two happy days of mine.   Dr. med. André Simon © Copyright   Übersetzung von Dietrich Weller   Wunderbares Feld […]

    MUSIC Being able to achieve the ability to discover, comprehend and elucidate what the music precisely expresses to us, would simply imply that: the human being would no longer  be -as it is now-the unaware creature in darkness, who knows nothing reliably about self, neither of the world in which lives, nor about its true […]

    An old Zen Master taught his disciples all about an inexhaustible source.    He attributed all his knowledge of it to a thick book, visible in the place of honour, in his room. Nobody was allowed to touch it. When he died, his disciples rushed to open the book, and anxious to appropriate the mysterious inexhaustible source. They were surprised, confused and disappointed, to discover that […]

                                                     THE OPTIMIST     Optimism is the mode to find positive aspects and solutions to all problems. It is not about thinking that everything is fine. A best-known example is a glass which is halfway filled of water, that the pessimist complaints about, but the optimist drinks and then goes to look for the source from where it […]

    CHINESE LESSON Essay by Victor H. Mair (an abbreviated version) 危 机  wēijī (CRISIS) John F. Kennedy used to say: “When written in Chinese, the word CRISIS is composed of two characters, one represents DANGER and the other represents OPPORTUNITY.” Half a century after his tragic death, it is proven that this is an American linguistic […]

                                    COTTON -PLANT                                               Christopher Columbus describes that, by the discovery of Cuba, he has seen, for the first time in his life, the cotton plants. He observed an odd phenomenon of those cotton plants. On […]

 TIGER                         It is difficult to imagine, almost impossible to describe, the pain and the bitter surprise of a great born egoist, when someone becomes disloyal to him, leaves him suddenly, or manage him in the same way, he had always done to the others. In the similar way responds usually the wounded tiger, who […]