Text nach Autor: 72 Texte von Andre Simon

The DOORS            It is an ancient truth that, after one small narrow door is closed for us, almost immediately a new huge entrance opens. We often hear people say, that happiness is like a butterfly; chasing, it escapes and if we stand still, it       leans on our shoulders. If we have listened to these […]

                                         The JUDGE LION   In those remote times, in the great forest, the animals declared an elderly lion to be a judge. In the quarrels the Lion gives the judgment and passes the sentence. The sentence is always the same. The loser receives twenty hits on his butt, from the Lion himself. Once, one […]

Once, in the great China Empire in the province of Shandong, there lived a left-handed boy Sev Lin, who had an extraordinary ability of painting. His father brought him for apprentice in the private school of a renowned painter. The master-painter recognized in short time the boy’s talent, and became envious. „No, that is not […]

A PROMISE     Once in the time of great drought, a peasant Xiang had no rice to nourish his family, and even no money to buy it. He went to the feud ruler of Wu ( who was also a river keeper) to borrow four sacks of rice. The feud ruler said: “Soon, I […]

          Life is made up of the small simple things. Therefore, only the petty and simple-minded people lacking of subtlety, and the people with narrow interests, perform well and realize all goals through their lives.  They do observe all trifles and perceive every stone in their path, exploiting every opportunity.   On […]

  An ancient Zen story describes a despondent horse, which lies down and no longer wants to learn to get up. The desperate owner, after trying everything, calls the horse-healer. After the profound examination of the horse, he states: „Such cases are serious; let’s try for a couple of days with these plants. If it […]

  A sunflower-plant or its image associates us with the sun, and even reminds us of a smiling face. The yellow -golden color of petals has a positive influence on our souls and energize our work efficiency.                             Probably, it is because of its shape and its colors retracing from cheerful bright yellow-gold or happy auburn. […]

In the small town of Wushu, there lives a very rich merchant named Xíguàn. Once, he demands an old Zen Master to teach his son how to avoid bad habits.  The Master takes the young man to walk in the neighboring wood. Suddenly, he halts at one place and asks the young man to clear a  […]

                                The SILENCE                                                                                   Oak-tree (Dr. Dietrich Weller )   Many years ago, on a hot sunny day, in the shade of an old oak-tree, Master Xi and his pupils were resting. There was silence in the air. Suddenly, Master Xi asked his pupils: “What is the meaning of silence? “ The pupils remain silenced. Than […]

Water (Shui)                                    The Chinese pictogram for water represents a straight vertical line as a river  with sloping small tributaries. If they wanted to rest, teachers and their pupils have always chosen a place nearby a river. Water runs, and […]