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COMPARiSON                 A wealthy businessman decided to show his only son what poverty is truly like. To experience difference between wealth and poverty was his aim. So he   sent his son to stay for two days in a poor family rural farmhouse. On his return home, his father asked him: ”Have you now seen the big difference between their life and ours?” “Yes, Father“ – the boy answered.  „I am only one child, and the children there have brothers and […]

HEALING WORDS                           The healing art known as bibliotherapy (βιβλίων Θεραπεία), or the healing power of the books is an old concept, first mentioned by Greek historian Diodorus (90 B.C-30 B.C). A phrase written above the entrance to the royal chamber ψγxhσ iatpeion, […]

Respecting Teachers                       “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed, if in terms of ten years plant trees, if in terms of 100 years, teach people”. Confucius (551–479 BC) A teacher is one who lectures on values, ethics and principles, teaches […]

CUP OF TEA                         A renowned and highly revered Japanese Zen Master was visited one day by a professor of an American University. The professor wanted to be informed about Zen`s teachings and especially the way of self-discovery in the here and now. Zen teaches a true spiritual path, that shows people how to think; […]

    In the town of FUZHOU in the Chinese province of FUJIAN, there lived an emotionally sensible man perennially oppressed by the difficulties of his life. However, unexpectedly he received an address of a spiritual master Xi. who lived in the small house facing the sea. Arrived there, he lamented: “For me is this […]

MEDICINE  (筝 学)            Guzheng                                                                               medicinal  herbs         Chinese pictogram’ writing consists of a variety of symbols that represent an idea or a concept. The pictogram of a Guzheng (Chinese zither) symbolises the whole range of music in a general sense. Masters of […]

MUSIC  THERAPY   The ancient Emperor Qin hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps. However, the boy became ill. His heart rate increased and his breathing did not keep in perfect harmony with his pulses. To restore the harmony, the best herbalists tried to cure the boy by administering   various plants and herbal […]

Luther 2017 Lebensvogel Luther lacht Pickt dir Mund, Hand, Nase rot Menschengüte, Gottes Macht Federrupfen, Kopf ab droht. Jungfrauhimmel neu erdacht Sündenzorn, Schwert, Hähnchentod Mondfahrtwissen, Luther wacht Ruinenburg, Christ in Not.     Martin Luther King trifft Martin Luther Martin Luther: „Hier sitze ich, bin tief zerrissen. Anders handeln kann ich nicht.“ Martin Luther King: […]

                            Long time ago, an aged native American from the tribe of Apache explained to his grandson, that each of us has in itself two  wolves with very different characters.   The one represents serenity, love and kindness. The other represents fear, greed and hatred. „Which of the two wolves’ wins?“ asked the grandson. “The […]

  Books Books are like oysters. To enjoy them, one needs to open them. Occasionally, we find a pearl or two.  However, all books contain so-called; “pearls of wisdom”. The “pearls of wisdom” embellish and explain the written messages. The universal goal   of the “pearls of wisdom” is to shape our thinking. Each time that […]