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MUSIC  THERAPY   The ancient Emperor Qin hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps. However, the boy became ill. His heart rate increased and his breathing did not keep in perfect harmony with his pulses. To restore the harmony, the best herbalists tried to cure the boy by administering   various plants and herbal […]

Luther 2017 Lebensvogel Luther lacht Pickt dir Mund, Hand, Nase rot Menschengüte, Gottes Macht Federrupfen, Kopf ab droht. Jungfrauhimmel neu erdacht Sündenzorn, Schwert, Hähnchentod Mondfahrtwissen, Luther wacht Ruinenburg, Christ in Not.     Martin Luther King trifft Martin Luther Martin Luther: „Hier sitze ich, bin tief zerrissen. Anders handeln kann ich nicht.“ Martin Luther King: […]

                            Long time ago, an aged native American from the tribe of Apache explained to his grandson, that each of us has in itself two  wolves with very different characters.   The one represents serenity, love and kindness. The other represents fear, greed and hatred. „Which of the two wolves’ wins?“ asked the grandson. “The […]

  Books Books are like oysters. To enjoy them, one needs to open them. Occasionally, we find a pearl or two.  However, all books contain so-called; “pearls of wisdom”. The “pearls of wisdom” embellish and explain the written messages. The universal goal   of the “pearls of wisdom” is to shape our thinking. Each time that […]

„Ich ist ein Anderer“   „Je est un autre“ soll Arthur Rimbaud als pubertierender 16-Jähriger in einem Brief festgestellt haben, mit dem er seinen Entschluss, ein Dichter werden zu wollen, begründet hat. Die Aussage war derart originell, dass sie seitdem vielfach zitiert wurde. „Gnothi seauton“ („Erkenne Dich selbst“) forderte eine, für die Menschen im antiken […]

    Destiny (die Übersetzung folgt am Schluss) We experience during our life’s journey sometimes luck and sometimes misfortune, like riding white or black horse. The horses gallop in the same direction in close-up and parallel way. However, or the white horse passes the black or vice versa. So the events are alternately changed between white […]

Requiem für eine Kommilitonin (Waltrud Wamser-Krasznai

Wamser-Krasznai Dr. med. Dr. phil. Waltrud 25. Juli 2017

Requiem für eine Kommilitonin (Fast eine Autobiographie)   Sie saß neben mir in der ersten Vorlesung zu Beginn des Studiums. Wir machten zwei Semester lang viel zusammen. Man aß damals im  Kolpinghaus, wo man für DM 1,25 Spagetti mit Tomatensoße bekam. Es hieß nämlich, der Student geht so lange zur Mensa bis er bricht. In […]

Die Lithografie stammt von Fritz Hug, Schweizer Maler, 1921-1989   Elephant André Simon   Walk my child, walk. Although small now, you have at present a good memory, to remember my lesson. Walk slowly and calm on your life path. In front of water, do not be afraid, because you can already swim. Don´t worry,  […]

    There is a legend of an admirable singing bird from Paraguay. The legend tells that once upon a time, high up in the branches of an orange tree in blossom, squatted an Indian boy. The boy used to climb trees despite the warnings of his mother, not to do so. However, one time, frightened […]

  Europeans What we have acquired we easily can loose, what we have built can decrepit everything we have learnt we can forget. However, if we help someone in need, this  persists forever. The noblest form of giving is generosity, which is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. Copyright Dr. André Simon   Übersetzung von Dietrich […]