Schlagwort: Mythen

 Metamorphose (November 2013)   Der Stift stand auf für Gerechtigkeit. Er verbreitete sich in der Welt. Das Papier schritt zur Aufklärung. Es bekam Flügel und stieg empor. Meine Hände eilten zur Liebe und blühten. Aus der einen wurde ein Ast wilder Rosen, voller Bienen und Schmetterlinge, aus der anderen eine Wasserquelle für Jungvögel.

   ARS  MEDICI             In an amazing colourful dream, two legendary masters of the healing arts appeared to me. Longing for enlightenment, I humbly asked them to share their knowledge with me. In front of the complex patients’ problems, what should be taught a student of the healing arts? Qi: The young practitioner of […]

                          Dream Sleep builds a calm bridge between today and tomorrow Under the bridge like a river flows a dream.   Übersetzung von Dietrich Weller Traum Schlaf baut eine ruhige Brücke Zwischen heute und morgen. Unter der Brücke fließt wie der Strom ein […]

                Silent Poem You ask for what reason I stay on the green mountain, I smile, but do not answer, my heart is at leisure. Peach-blossom is carried far off by flowing water, Apart, I have heaven and earth in the human world. Poems dash like the lovely […]

    In the town of FUZHOU in the Chinese province of FUJIAN, there lived an emotionally sensible man perennially oppressed by the difficulties of his life. However, unexpectedly he received an address of a spiritual master Xi. who lived in the small house facing the sea. Arrived there, he lamented: “For me is this […]

MEDICINE  (筝 学)            Guzheng                                                                               medicinal  herbs         Chinese pictogram’ writing consists of a variety of symbols that represent an idea or a concept. The pictogram of a Guzheng (Chinese zither) symbolises the whole range of music in a general sense. Masters of […]

MUSIC  THERAPY   The ancient Emperor Qin hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps. However, the boy became ill. His heart rate increased and his breathing did not keep in perfect harmony with his pulses. To restore the harmony, the best herbalists tried to cure the boy by administering   various plants and herbal […]

                 HARMONY                 The art of music follows nature as harmoniously as day follows night and as light follows darkness. There is a Chinese legend about a young musician who lived on his own on an uninhabited island and had as his […]

Luther 2017 Lebensvogel Luther lacht Pickt dir Mund, Hand, Nase rot Menschengüte, Gottes Macht Federrupfen, Kopf ab droht. Jungfrauhimmel neu erdacht Sündenzorn, Schwert, Hähnchentod Mondfahrtwissen, Luther wacht Ruinenburg, Christ in Not.     Martin Luther King trifft Martin Luther Martin Luther: „Hier sitze ich, bin tief zerrissen. Anders handeln kann ich nicht.“ Martin Luther King: […]

                            Long time ago, an aged native American from the tribe of Apache explained to his grandson, that each of us has in itself two  wolves with very different characters.   The one represents serenity, love and kindness. The other represents fear, greed and hatred. „Which of the two wolves’ wins?“ asked the grandson. “The […]