Schlagwort: Tiere

                 HARMONY                 The art of music follows nature as harmoniously as day follows night and as light follows darkness. There is a Chinese legend about a young musician who lived on his own on an uninhabited island and had as his […]

    Destiny (die Übersetzung folgt am Schluss) We experience during our life’s journey sometimes luck and sometimes misfortune, like riding white or black horse. The horses gallop in the same direction in close-up and parallel way. However, or the white horse passes the black or vice versa. So the events are alternately changed between white […]

Verantwortung (8.8.2017)   Der Zauber der Sonne war im Gange Ich berührte behutsam grüne Hecken am Wegesrand roch an Blüten und Blättern begrüßte bewegt bunte Blumen die alte Katze der Nachbarn einen Straßenzug weiter fleißige Amseln auf der Wiese Krähen auf abgemähten Kornfeldern und Sperlinge auf den Heuballen Umgeben von der Vielfalt der Lebewesen mitten […]

Die Lithografie stammt von Fritz Hug, Schweizer Maler, 1921-1989   Elephant André Simon   Walk my child, walk. Although small now, you have at present a good memory, to remember my lesson. Walk slowly and calm on your life path. In front of water, do not be afraid, because you can already swim. Don´t worry,  […]

    There is a legend of an admirable singing bird from Paraguay. The legend tells that once upon a time, high up in the branches of an orange tree in blossom, squatted an Indian boy. The boy used to climb trees despite the warnings of his mother, not to do so. However, one time, frightened […]

  My name is Artiste.  A long, long time ago I lived together with my sister Announce in the countryside. Evil people offended us and separated us from our family and our children. We were in a desperate state, so the Creator transformed us into birds. Announce became a swallow, and I became a nightingale. […]

  Mein Beitrag zur Lesung  „Plötzlich war alles ganz anders“ Moderation Hans Brockmann Samstag, 27. Mai 2017 BDSÄ-Jahreskongress Gummersbach     Der Bläuling An diesem Nachmittag lag meine Stimmung etwas unter der Mittellinie. Ich war müde und wusste, dass mir noch eine Nachtsprechstunde in der Notfallpraxis bevorstand. Nach einem Schläfchen auf dem Sofa saß ich […]

  Tommy  My owner calls me Tommy. I have a large body with a thin long tail. I am plump and sit all day long on the couch feeding myself and watching TV. My owner is a very fat person. He feeds me daily with his leftover food. Every day I have breakfast, a light meal, brunch, […]

A SPARROW TALE ( Dr. med. André Simon)     There is an old story that tells how a grand Knight, who was riding through a forest, one day, came across a sparrow lying on the ground on its back with both feet in the air. To the question: what does it do, sparrow said, […]

         Cuculus americanus (Wikipedia)                                  MAGIC WHISTLE (Dr. med. André Simon)             (Die Übersetzung steht am Ende dieses Originaltextes)                       My beak is well built, my whistle is loud and my feathers are white-brownish. I love my family with all my heart and devotion and all my dreams become reality. My family is most numerous in the whole […]