Schlagwort: Traum

                                                 MIRACLE                                       A young man dreamed of entering a large store. In the front of him, instead of an employee at the long flat-topped fixture , was an amazing being dressed in luminous brilliant white. “Who are you “asked the astounded young man. The “employee” answered “An angel …“ „What do you sell […]

   ARS  MEDICI             In an amazing colourful dream, two legendary masters of the healing arts appeared to me. Longing for enlightenment, I humbly asked them to share their knowledge with me. In front of the complex patients’ problems, what should be taught a student of the healing arts? Qi: The young practitioner of […]

  DREAMLAND                                        A dream dreamed by a dreamer is a peaceful land, where the unique weapon is the kindness, where all children smile and play joyfully. Dr. med. André Simon © Copyright  Credits.                                                                                                                                                                          The flower was […]

                          Dream Sleep builds a calm bridge between today and tomorrow Under the bridge like a river flows a dream.   Übersetzung von Dietrich Weller Traum Schlaf baut eine ruhige Brücke Zwischen heute und morgen. Unter der Brücke fließt wie der Strom ein […]

  I once had a dream, and in my dream I went begging door to door in a village, but then along a village path appeared in the distance a golden chariot. I began to wonder who the chariot owner was and why he had appeared! My hopes grew as I thought that the bad […]

  Ich war ein Teufel bis ein Engel kam                                    und mich verführte,                                     nun sind wir beides:           […]