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My Prison Song (Klaus Kayser)

dedicated to all political prisoners

Klaus Kayser, September 2021

There are birds to die
At prison in welfare
There are birds to cry
Of freedom at nightmare

There are birds to fly
High in a rainy sky
Yes, I know
and I wonder why.

There is my lonely life
My soul walks in its sand
There is my bloody knife
I keep it in my hand.

I lost my lovely rose
She left for far away
The paradise stood close
Now it’s too hard to stay.

One day I climbed a grave
High above the sea
No body in the cave
No coffin at wounded knee.

I met my bride, my wife
At windy seaboard dawn
I took my bloody knife
Cut  her for my own.

The air was fresh and clear
No bird disturbed the sky
My rose told me, no fear,
Sure, I wonder why.

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