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                                                     THE OPTIMIST     Optimism is the mode to find positive aspects and solutions to all problems. It is not about thinking that everything is fine. A best-known example is a glass which is halfway filled of water, that the pessimist complaints about, but the optimist drinks and then goes to look for the source from where it […]

    CHINESE LESSON Essay by Victor H. Mair (an abbreviated version) 危 机  wēijī (CRISIS) John F. Kennedy used to say: “When written in Chinese, the word CRISIS is composed of two characters, one represents DANGER and the other represents OPPORTUNITY.” Half a century after his tragic death, it is proven that this is an American linguistic […]

                                    COTTON -PLANT                                               Christopher Columbus describes that, by the discovery of Cuba, he has seen, for the first time in his life, the cotton plants. He observed an odd phenomenon of those cotton plants. On […]

 TIGER                         It is difficult to imagine, almost impossible to describe, the pain and the bitter surprise of a great born egoist, when someone becomes disloyal to him, leaves him suddenly, or manage him in the same way, he had always done to the others. In the similar way responds usually the wounded tiger, who […]

      Truth, justice and nobility are  ‚ the finest and the weakest tones in the general harmony of life. They can be heard only when the stronger tones of insolence, violence and injustice become silent.   Dr. med. André Simon © Copyright   Übersetzung von Dietrich Weller Wahrheit Wahrheit, Gerechtigkeit und Vornehmheit sind […]

ORANGE           A recognized expert in the field of human resources held a lecture. After the introductory speech, he put an orange on the table in front of him, and asked mysteriously his audience: „If I squeeze this orange with all my strength, what will come out of it?“ “Orange juice“, was the unanimous response. Then, the expert  said, „That’s right. The […]

                                                                              HEAVEN                                                                             The Chinese pictogram (Tiān) means the heaven. It consists of the line […]

Book                        The Chinese pictogram Shū describes a book presented in bamboo strips tied together with threads. This book type is far ahead of the books written on the rice paper. A legend has it, that once an earthquake caused the displacement of boulders and reopened a […]

                                       Da Vinci Lesson     Leonardo da Vinci wrote, that the virtue of gratidude is said to be better developed in hoopooes than in humans. When hoopooes see their parents grow old, they make a nest for them, feed them and with their beaks they pull out old and shabby feathers, since they well know […]

                                               FRIENDSHIP  Nobody likes to be lonely. One prefers to be in the company of a boring person, or even with a rival, rather than being alone. The painting above is by Vincent van Gogh. He suffered a great solitude and the burden of his solitude shadowed his whole life. A lonely person is in bad company, […]